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Community Life at WakeRobin

When you move to Wake Robin, you may choose to live a more private life, free of social obligations … or you may want to get actively involved, serving on committees, planning activities and volunteering in the wider community. In any case, you will find your neighbors at Wake Robin reaching out in friendship, fellowship and support.

Residents organize and host a variety of guest speakers, presenters and performers. But, as a resident, you won’t have to stay in the audience. You’re invited to dance, debate, paint, make music, work with computers, learn a variety of handcrafting arts, even write and publish your work.

Residents improve the community with earth-friendly practices. They garden, compost, harvest honey from our hives, maintain our walking trails, gather and boil sap to make maple syrup and work with staff to find and implement new ways for Wake Robin to be an environmentally responsible community.

Living at Wake Robin does not mean staying at home. You’ll be out and about as you like, driving your own car or taking regularly scheduled transportation to Shelburne, Burlington and farther afield, for easy access to shopping, dining, cultural activities and more.

No more housekeeping, no more home repair, no more shoveling snow! This opens up all sorts of possibilities for you to live the life you choose.