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July 2019

Summer Fun Chronicles Part I

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Wake Robin Residents take to Lake Champlain


Wake Robin residents insist on an active lifestyle. On land, and on sea.

As a result, Wake Robin residents gathered at the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory pier to board Melosira, UVM’s research and teaching vessel. 45-feet long and weighing 18 tons, Melosira has been uncovering the mysteries of Lake Champlain since 1987.

The Wake Robin crew 

Captain Steve Cluett steered the ship and helped the Wake Robin mariners identify the fascinating elements of the lake’s ecosystem. During the two-plus hour tour, residents took and measured water samples, saw how the boat’s computer system gathered data in real time, and examined small water species in Petri dishes.

Besides scientific endeavors, residents also enjoyed the sheer beauty of the Adirondack Mountains; the captain even directed Melosira north so the Wake Robin crew could witness the dramatic rock face at Rock Point, located in Burlington.

Perfect day to be on the water!

Along with the boat tour, Wake Robin has a slate of summer fun activities ahead. Outings to Shelburne Farms, Shelburne Museum, the Lincoln Family Hildene Estate and many others make for an adventurous time here at Wake Robin.

Stay tuned for more summer fun chronicles!








Gems of Wake Robin: Tree Marker Plaques

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Gems of Wake Robin: Tree Marker Plaques

2014 was a BIG year at Wake Robin. It marked the 20th anniversary for Vermont’s first Life Plan Community. Rightly so, residents and staff celebrated the occasion in a variety of ways.

A map of all the tree markers on campus

Five years later, one particular commemoration still lives on: tree marker plaques. Spread around our wooded campus, the tree marker plaques were put up not only to educate, but also to honor Wake Robin’s commitment to natural conservation. A total of eighteen different trees — from Vermont’s quintessential Sugar Maple, to the appropriately named Shagbark Hickory — were cataloged, described in detail by their features, and given a plaque.

How it Began

Wake Robin’s lead landscaper Peter Hausermann and resident named Mary spearheaded the project. They both wanted to identify trees that the buildings on campus were named after.

Mary remembers hatching the idea after seeing tree markers from the Audubon Society. Since Wake Robin values green living, Mary thought: why not do the same here?

The project was meticulous, taking over two years to complete. Mr. Hausermann identified the trees, while Mary and a committee researched tree information, and the Wake Robin wood shop built the backings and posts for the plaques. The Wake Robin Residents Association funded the project.

“Walk Along the Tree Trails” Celebration

The Shagbark Hickory plaque

Wake Robin hosted residents and priority depositors for a “Walk Along the Tree Trails” event as part of an ecological exhibit that toured the wooden grounds. Mr. Hausermann capped the event with a presentation on tree history and land enrichment as Wake Robin moved from year one, to year twenty.

“One of the beauties of Wake Robin is that it allows people to have close access to nature,” he said.

Next time you go for a stroll take a moment to notice all the different trees you are passing. There is always so much to learn, and so many to see here at Wake Robin.


Annual Strawberry Social Rings in Summer 2019

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Our Beloved Annual Strawberry Social – A Hit Once Again!

Residents & staff ate up every last strawberry!

On Wednesday, June 26th, residents and staff alike descended on the newly renovated dining room for a long-standing tradition, the annual Strawberry Social, an event that celebrates the local fruit harvest, the onset of summer, and the deep ties of the Wake Robin community. Members of the Social Committee served ice cream, short bread and whipped cream – the last two of which were homemade by a highly-skilled resident baker – to pair with an endless supply of ripe and juicy strawberries.

Per Wake Robin’s commitment to local and healthy food sourcing, the strawberries were brought in locally from Full Belly Farm out of Hinesburg, Vermont. Over 50 quarts of strawberries were harvested for Wake Robin at this peak time of the year!

Locally sourced and hand picked strawberries from Full Belly Farm!

The afternoon event was a wonderful opportunity for Priority Depositors to visit and feel the true sense of Wake Robin. CEO Patrick McKee welcomed those who were excited to explore and learn more about Vermont’s first Life Plan Community.

Needless to say, there were no strawberries left over!

From all of us at Wake Robin, Happy Fourth of July!

Shelburne fireworks…right at our doorstep!

This year, we celebrate the progress and expansion of our campus, all to promote a richer community, more sustainable practices, and exceptional care that residents have come to expect and love. While residents relax and join the company of friends and family, we are grateful for this 26th celebration of Fourth of July here at Wake Robin, and we look forward to many, many more!

From our family to yours, Happy Independence Day! Wishing you a wonderful holiday and summer full of cheer, good will, and plenty of laughter.