“It’s easy to meet up with interesting people here, who inspire me to go onto new endeavors and life experiences.”

– Judy, retired high school teacher

Community Life

At Wake Robin, we care about each other, the environment, and the community we live in. Everything here is designed to empower you to be yourself and create a life you love.

man hammering sign on to tree

You can choose to live a more private life, with just a few social obligations, or you may want to dive into community life, serving on committees, volunteering, or planning activities. Wake Robin residents volunteer 3,040 hours per month—750 of those hours are dedicated to businesses and organizations in the town of Shelburne. The choice is yours. And no matter what, you’ll find friendship, fellowship, and support from your Wake Robin neighbors.

“What I was looking for was a philosophy of doing with, rather than doing for. To me, there’s a world of difference. If you’re doing for, you’re seeing people as helpless. If you’re doing with, you’re seeing people as having rich backgrounds, skill sets, and approaches to life. For me, that’s what Wake Robin offers.”

– Sally, Painter and Former Vt. State Senator and Chair,
Senate Health & Welfare Committee

Wellness – Your lifestyle choices impact your overall wellbeing. Find out about your choices for fitness, activities, community involvement, and lifelong learning at Wake Robin.

Dining – Why just eat when you can dine? Learn about our flexible dining options and our commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Green Living – Environmental stewardship has been part of the fabric of this community since the founders first located this special piece of land — and environmental practices have only deepened since then. Read more about Wake Robin’s award-winning environmental practices.

Health Services – Should your health needs change, you can receive quality care right in the community. See how the Linden Health Center cares for residents.

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