Green Living

At Wake Robin, being green is more than just a catchy phrase. Environmental stewardship is a core value of the community, and it is a way of life for staff, residents and the Board of Directors. In 2012, Wake Robin won the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.  In 2016, The International Council on Active Aging chose “Wake Robin’s Energy Use and Conservation Plan” as North America’s most innovative green programs in the active-aging industry!

We have put many earth-friendly practices in place, including incorporating solar energy, reducing waste, and improving energy-efficiency across the campus. Switching to ozone as a disinfectant, deodorizer and bleaching agent in the laundry and aquatic center has reduced the annual carbon footprint of the community by more than 58,000 pounds and reduced hot water use by 316,000 gallons.

Wake Robin residents also work hard to improve the community with earth-friendly practices. They garden, compost, harvest honey from our hives, maintain our walking trails, gather and boil sap to make maple syrup, and work with staff to find and implement new ways for Wake Robin to be an environmentally responsible community. And to avoid pesticide use, we regularly welcome 60,000 ladybugs to our 136-acre campus.

We’ve been recognized as a leader in eco-conscious retirement communities. Read the New York Times article.

man made bee hives

To learn more about Wake Robin’s green community, and to see our sustainable campus for yourself, contact us for a tour.

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