Dining FAQ

How do I make reservations?

Residents do not need to make reservations for the Maple Leaf dining room.

To make a reservation for The Birches call: 264-4281. Leave your name, how many are in your party, time you would like to come in and the names of your guests.

Can I order take out?

If you would like to take your meal out, you can. Come to the dining room at 5:00pm or 7:00pm, Monday-Saturday.  Sundays we offer take-out meals throughout brunch.

I can’t eat gluten – can I still eat in the dining rooms?

Yes! If an item contains gluten – it is indicated on the menu or at the buffet. If you have any dietary concerns – you can feel free to speak with the Director or Assistant Director.

How do I find the menus?

Menus for the week are found on the website by dining room, through the Resident Portal, or on Channel 918.

I’m nervous about eating alone – is there a way to meet others to eat with?

There is a singles table in the Maple Leaf dining room – it’s a great way to meet others! When making a reservation for The Birches, you can indicate that you don’t mind sitting with someone else.

chef cutting up spices