Dining FAQ

How do I make reservations?

Residents do not need to make reservations.

Can I order take out?

If you would like to take your meal out, you can.

You can take your meal to go anytime during dining service hours in the main dining room.

I can’t eat gluten – can I still eat in the dining rooms?

Yes! If an item contains gluten – it is indicated on the menu or at the buffet. If you have any dietary concerns – you can feel free to speak with the Director or Assistant Director.

How do I find the menus?

Menus for the week are found on the website by dining room, through the Resident Portal, or on Channel 918.

I’m nervous about eating alone – is there a way to meet others to eat with?

There is a singles table in the Maple Leaf dining room – it’s a great way to meet others!

chef cutting up spices