Breathing Exercises to Relieve Stress with Jena Necrason

By October 31, 2018 Blog

This time of year, we often get a bit overloaded and time seems to move more quickly. Our to-do lists grow, and we tend to over commit.  Sound familiar?  One way to de-stress is by simply focusing on breathing for a few minutes. Here are a few tips from Wake Robin’s Program and Events Coordinator Jena Necrason.

You deserve to take five minutes for yourself!  Find a comfortable place to sit. Close your eyes.  Bring your focus to your inner self.  See if, for a moment, you can simply go inward and focus on your breath.  How are you feeling today? Answer this question without judgement.  Allow yourself to shut out thoughts of work or to-do lists.  If you bring your full focus to observing your breath, all else will fall away.  Try counted breathing: inhale for a count of four, and then exhale for a count of eight.  Do this as many times as you can.  Breathing in and out through your nose will allow for a slower intake of oxygen to the brain, which will have a calming effect.  Breathing through your mouth is fine too, whatever is comfortable for you. The most important thing is to give yourself 5 minutes to do this. This exercise can be done anywhere- your living room, your backyard, your office, your car (ok, but don’t close your eyes in the car!).

Pro tip: If you are feeling fatigued, while you are breathing try placing your hands on your thighs with the palms facing up, this will assist with gathering energy into your body.  If you are feeling stressed or agitated, while you are breathing try placing your hands on your thighs with the palms facing down, this will assist with gathering grounded/calming energy into your body.