Thoughts on Generosity – Many Ways to Be Generous

By November 30, 2018 Blog

By: A Wake Robin Resident

Generosity of Patience – So important, as we are called upon during our present community illness. Continuing on through our flexibility, as the many construction changes are completed, and new ones arise.

Generosity of Time and Talents – Consider the hours freely given, talents and skills engaged, in the functioning of the multitude of activities we are blessed with.

Generosity of Spirit– The smiles with greetings, the helpful hands, the focused attention to another’s joys, needs and concerns, the admiration for those whose inner being shines unquenched despite the burdens they bear. The gift of laughter and joy brought to interactions with others.

Generosity of Thanks Giving – Beginning with sincere and joyful “Thank You’s” to loved ones, friends, and neighbors for their many daily gifts of just being; on through thoughtful notes (or an email) after an act of kindness; then to offers of help and assistance; up to generous monetary contributions to the employee appreciation fund. Think of it as a tangible hug of thanks for the many ways they make our lives so wonderful here at Wake Robin.