Spotlight: Sondra Brooker

By October 28, 2019 People of Wake Robin

Sondra Brooker is a woman of many talents. She bakes, cuts hair, and may even be a dog whisperer.

Beloved by the Wake Robin community, Sondra just started her 23rd year as an employee: 22 years in dining services, and this her first year as Wake Robin’s salon hair stylist.

Wake Robin’s multi-talented hair stylist Sondra Brooker

Hospitality runs in Sondra’s family. Her grandparents owned and operated a summer restaurant in Ticonderoga for years; Sondra would often help out.

At Wake Robin, she worked her way up from dining server to floor manager, and oversaw lunch and dinner, which usually served over a 120 people a day. “I just loved the fast pace of it. Interacting with the residents and making them happy.”

When Wake Robin needed a new hair stylist, Sondra jumped at the opportunity. She earned her hair dressing license at O’Brien’s College of Cosmetology, and has been cutting hair for family, friends, and private clients ever since high school. Sondra’s part of a longstanding tradition: her grandfather was a barber in Italy!

Sondra’s passion for hair cutting relates to her love of baking. “There both a precision thing,” she said.

Now Sondra enjoys a lakeside window view and gets to know and appreciate residents better. The salon will soon have a makeover and feature new flooring and seating.

Once the renovations are completed, the salon will be open every Tuesday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 4 pm. Walk by during this time and you’ll usually hear laughter or good conversation!

Summing it up, Sondra said, “You always need to eat and you always need a haircut.” She’s provided both, which is why she’s such a valued member of the Wake Robin family.