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Therapy Department Welcomes a New Fitness Expert to the Team!

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Georgia Goodrich has thirty years of experience in the healthcare industry. From acute and skilled care, to outpatient work, she has a broad perspective on how physical therapy can improve the lives of people in all walks of life.

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Physical Therapist and Fitness Instructor Georgia Goodrich

An avid outdoors adventurer, Georgia grew up in Montpelier and loves all things snow: snowshoeing, cross country skiing, down hill skiing. You name it! That penchant for exercise may help explain why she’s such an enthusiastic fitness instructor. “I love getting input and feedback to keep making the programs better,” Georgia says.

Georgia joined the Therapy Department because she knew it to be a great team. Additionally, she was interested in working one-on-one with residents, which is what the Pathways Program offers. The values of Wake Robin were equally as important in attracting her to the position. “The overall concept of wellness at Wake Robin encompasses the whole individual and what their needs are,” she said.

Georgia is focused on improving people’s activities of daily living here at Wake Robin. She is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified trainer, and she now teaches a strength and conditioning class in Wake Robin’s new fitness center.

Welcome to Wake Robin, Georgia!

Spotlight: Sondra Brooker

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Sondra Brooker is a woman of many talents. She bakes, cuts hair, and may even be a dog whisperer.

Beloved by the Wake Robin community, Sondra just started her 23rd year as an employee: 22 years in dining services, and this her first year as Wake Robin’s salon hair stylist.

Wake Robin’s multi-talented hair stylist Sondra Brooker

Hospitality runs in Sondra’s family. Her grandparents owned and operated a summer restaurant in Ticonderoga for years; Sondra would often help out.

At Wake Robin, she worked her way up from dining server to floor manager, and oversaw lunch and dinner, which usually served over a 120 people a day. “I just loved the fast pace of it. Interacting with the residents and making them happy.”

When Wake Robin needed a new hair stylist, Sondra jumped at the opportunity. She earned her hair dressing license at O’Brien’s College of Cosmetology, and has been cutting hair for family, friends, and private clients ever since high school. Sondra’s part of a longstanding tradition: her grandfather was a barber in Italy!

Sondra’s passion for hair cutting relates to her love of baking. “They’re both a precision thing,” she said.

Now Sondra enjoys a lakeside window view and gets to know and appreciate residents better. The salon will soon have a makeover and feature new flooring and seating.

Once the renovations are completed, the salon will be open every Tuesday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 4 pm. Walk by during this time and you’ll usually hear laughter or good conversation!

Summing it up, Sondra said, “You always need to eat and you always need a haircut.” She’s provided both, which is why she’s such a valued member of the Wake Robin family.


Wake Robin Busy Bee – Patrick Krok-Horton

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While walking through the hallways of Wake Robin, you might hear the dulcet tones of an older song drifting around a corner. If you continue onward, you’ll eventually run into Patrick Krok-Horton, a Recreation Services Assistant who has been with Wake Robin for almost 7 years. In 2017, he won the VHCA’s (Vermont Health Care Association) Recreation Services Assistant of the year award, partially due to his dedication and creativity in thinking of new programs and activities to offer here at Wake Robin.

With Wake Robin going through the transition of renovations throughout the community, especially in the Linden Health Center, one would imagine it would make it more difficult to maneuver in the temporary and new spaces. When asked if his job has changed at all since the beginning of the project, Krok-Horton mentions that, “Since the start of construction my job hasn’t changed dramatically. It is sometimes hard to navigate through certain paths when going around the construction, or to support residents when the noise or construction impacts their living area.” However, he goes on to say that helping residents through this time has been a team effort with nursing.

Outside of Wake Robin, Krok-Horton is just as creative! He graduated from college with a degree in Art, focusing on Print Making. His art has been displayed in Burlington during the Art Hop. He says his favorite medium is woodcut, but he has worked in intaglio, silkscreen, and lithography. His artistic talents have been utilized through his work at Wake Robin. Two of his creations have been a “Horse Racing track where I make the track, jockeys, large dice and racing flags”. He has devised a 500-car racing game where he made the cars, track, deck of cards, and prizes.

His next inspired endeavor involves pumpkins! Every Fall, Krok-Horton and his wife set up a huge Halloween pumpkin display at their home. They have quite a following of repeat visitors year after year! This will be their 8th year and every year they have had a different theme. This year’s is Dinosaurs, but some previous themes have been: Pirates, Aliens, and Classic Movie Monsters. Last year they had a record 62 carved pumpkins – which they purchase from a farm down in Rutland. This masterpiece is crafted with Krok-Horton and his dad working on bigger structural pieces, while his wife and her father do most of the carving. He is promising to bring in photo albums to show his handiwork to pass along through the Linden Neighborhoods.

When asked about what makes Wake Robin culture so special, he says, “The sense of community here is a huge part of Wake Robin. Although many people from many backgrounds and lifestyles mix together, the willingness of each person to help others is amazing. The things that people do here when they come together are very inspiring.” Bringing his interests and artistic flair to his work life continues to bring joy to the residents of Linden Health Center and the community as a whole.

Green Living

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garden with woman in itWake Robin is part of the Vermont Fresh Network. “We source as much local food as possible,” says Tim, chef. The resident Pyramids group – which advises the dining staff – enthusiastically supports this philosophy.

“We also contract with two local farmers. They set aside acreage for us; we tell them what our needs are, and they raise produce for our kitchens.”

Wake Robin residents designed and built three and a half miles of walking trails, and make Vermont maple syrup each spring in a sugarhouse built by local high school students. Residents compost, plant gardens, harvest honey from hives they brought to Wake Robin, and serve together on the Green Team. The Team, made up of residents, staff and Board, has developed a strategic energy plan. With input and active resident involvement, the Community reduced its electricity use 6.4% in the past year.